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How to be an Effective Presence on Social Media

How to Effectively Use Social Media for Your Business

Most businesses today acknowledge the usefulness of being on social media. Many of their current and potential customers are using social media, and as such, social media can be used to reach a large number and wide variety of people. The question many businesses struggle with, however, is how to have an effective social media presence. How do you use sites like LinkedIn and Facebook to attract attention to your company? How do you use social media to establish yourself as a trusted advisor? The answer lies in the title: social media.

 Social Media: It’s in the nameSocial Media Sites

The key to having an effective presence on social media is being social. In order to direct traffic to your page—regardless of which social media site you are using—it is important that you are visiting others’ pages, commenting on links and statuses, and posting links and statuses of your own. No one is going to spontaneously search for your name, and if they do and they see that you are rather inactive, their interest will stop there.  The best and most effective way to get your name in the social media world is to comment on other users’ posts and faithfully follow like-minded individuals. When others see that you are following them, they will likely reciprocate.

Becoming a Trusted Advisor

Social media is not primarily about advertising your company’s products and services; it is about establishing yourself as a trusted advisor. That means that instead of simply advertising your company’s current promotion—which is valid, but not the first, and certainly not the only thing, you should be doing—you should also be engaging with other companies and offering useful advice for prospective clients. The primary way to do this is through a blog. In truth, all of your social media pages—whether Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.—function as ways to direct traffic to your blog. Your blog is where you offer important information about how to run your type of business or other small tips of advice people can benefit from. Melonie Dodaro of Top Dog Social Media has a fantastic webinar on how to become a trusted advisor.

Directing Traffic to Your Blog

As we’ve already said, the best way to direct traffic to your social media pages is through liking and commenting on others’ pages and posts. The same tactic applies to your blog. A blog isolated in cyberspace will never be found. People will only discover your blog if you are present and active on social media and blogging sites, commenting and asking questions on others’ blogs. One of the best ways to find out which blogs you should be reading and commenting on is to not only do specific searches yourself on the blogs which spark your interest, but also by encouraging people to leave comments on your blogs. A call to action—questions inviting opinions and other thoughts—at the end of every blog encourages people to leave comments on your blog or visit your website or social media pages. If what you have said in your blog is useful and relevant information, people will want to find out more about you, and will even want to pay you for your services because they trust you.


Social Media

In short…

Establishing a social media presence takes effort and commitment. The key to doing so lies in the name: social media, meaning you need to be engaged on social media and blogging sites. It takes effort and work to get going, but remember, social media is not supposed to be a chore—it’s supposed to be fun! So enjoy yourself and enjoy learning about how other business are using their social media presence to establish themselves as trusted advisors!


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  1. Viola

    Great post.

    Glad you mentioned the fact that Social Media is first of all about being social. There is nothing wrong with marketing your product or service as long as that is not the only thing you do.

    Consistency is another important factor when it comes to Social Media or anything else in business for that matter.


  2. Jeff

    Thanks for the comment Viola! You are right, social media can be an effective marketing tool as long as it’s not the only thing you do.
    Keeping branding consistent across all platforms is definitely a good tip to keep in mind as well.

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